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How many things are so similar between bare footers, and nudists, other then the fact that barefoot is not against the law, while nudism is.

The article below is from a nudist lady, who yearns to be able to go nude everywhere, but can not. This article had her fully nude picture attached, which I took off for obvious reason.

Each and every reason she writes about, can be implied to barefoot, except one “Preparing for outings to clubs, bars, or other social venues take way less time and are safer since people have fewer places to hide weapons and contraband”. Try hide a weapon in your shoe.

I can find a lot of common reasons here, can you?

Going Natural Ways.

I believe naturism/nudism is where things are heading. It has been since long before the movement was started. If not for the simple fact that we can’t get away from our bodies. Denying them, hiding them, or trying to make them something they are not is futile. A waste of effort at best, harmful to self and others at worst.

Take a normal day. There are many studies and articles that show sleeping nude can relax the body and allow it regulate its systems better. After getting up, we can go about our morning routine unimpeded. No worries about messing up a business suit with breakfast, just wipe it off.

Offices are climate controlled so what’s there to protect against? Working in a more physical job like deliveries or a shop can benefit from nudity because of reduced overhead and creating a more inviting climate. Nudity also has the possibility of keeping us more healthy and hygienic than clothing. Among the many reasons, the few that stick out are increased circulation and reducing the potential for allergic reactions.

Working out doesn’t need clothing because clothing can actually impeded physical performance. They can trap sweat and bacteria, cause poor posture, and restrict the skin.

At home, the time for cleaning and preparing for the next day is greatly reduced thanks to not having to worry about clothing. This means increased time for personal projects or relaxation.

Preparing for outings to clubs, bars, or other social venues take way less time and are safer since people have fewer places to hide weapons and contraband.

Best of all: falling into bed after a hard day’s work.

I know this is an oversimplified view, but realistically, when the weather is nice or we’re working indoors, how often are clothes really needed? Even with “professional attire,” a business suit is just a socially agreed upon construct of formality. Not unlike the fine clothing of ages past. Do we still wear those? What is stopping us from seeing our bodies as more uniform and dignified than what is currently accepted? Especially as our need for clothing continues to diminish.

Which way will society go next in terms of what we wear? Who knows? Who cares! We will always be able to take our clothing off and go nude.

The way things things should be.

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