Gender equality

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Below is an article regarding a march protesting the woman’s legal rights to walk topless everywhere, and anywhere.
Woman so far have these rights in a few places, like New York city, and some other places. These woman who do go with no shirt or bra
can enter anywhere they wish, and the law protects them, restaurants, shops, office buildings, and so on.

What was once a taboo, exposing the breasts, is now Ok with most people in society, but walking barefoot is disgusting, for most people.
Woman get to walk barefoot, and mostly no one will say anything to them, because the female feet are regarded as beautiful.

Our feet were never a taboo, and there is no law against us walking barefoot, and still we the people who walk barefoot get thrown out from a lot of establishments for all sorts of dumb reasons. I may step on something and get hurt, a woman goes around with her breasts showing, may get attacked, or God forbid raped. Breasts are for feeding a baby for the most part, but are yet also a sexual organs, and exposed might triger the sicko’s to attack a bare breasted female.

Is the danger of a woman getting attacked in a office building or exiting a store, less important then if I walk barefoot, and stub my toe in something?

Something doesn’t look right here.

Do you eagree ?

bare chest

Here is the article:

Gender equality
Marchers in Manhattan will pull off their shirts Sunday in a push for gender equality.

The Go Topless Pride Parade will be held for the second year in a row.

The event comes two days after Women’s Equality Day, marking the day American women earned the right to vote.

It is legal for women to go topless in New York City.

Organizers are pushing for gender equality when it comes to being topless elsewhere in the country, and across the world.

The parade starts at 1 p.m. at 58th Street and Eighth Avenue and will march down Broadway.

Parades are also scheduled in other cities, including Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami Beach and Venice Beach, California.

Events planned include gatherings at beaches from New Hampshire to California and a parade in Los Angeles featuring giant balloons shaped as breasts. Other celebrations are planned in cities across the globe.

Activists in the movement argue women should be able to go topless in public, just as men can.

Cities and states have varying laws regarding whether it’s legal for women to go topless in public.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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