Flying barefoot

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About flying barefoot

Ever took a flight on vacation or business? Most of us did, and on a long haul in a cramped aircraft it’s no fun, where there is no place to stretch your legs, and strangers are sitting on both sides of you, falling a sleep on your shoulders, or smelling bad, and so on.  The worst are those who don’t give a damn about anyone else. In the seat behind you, a guy put his feet on the back of your seat, and you can feel every move he makes. Even worse are those who decide to take their shoes and socks off, and put their feet on top of the headrest on your seat, or put his feet in between you and the passenger next to you, on the armrest, and expects you to enjoy your trip next to his maybe smelly or dirty feet.

As a barefooted person for the past year and a half, I would NEVER do this, also if I was not into the barefoot life style, it is beyond me how anyone can do this with no shame. If you want to be comfortable, take your shoes off, that’s fine, but keep them on the floor, where no one will see, or smell them, put your socks on at least, when walking around the aircraft, our society does not like barefoot in public.

Help us barefooted people, by being considerate to your fellow passengers, in an aircraft, train or even a bus.

Tips on flying in comfort



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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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