Feet exercises

Are you new to barefoot walking?   Have your feet been stuck in shoes till now?

If you answered yes to these question, then your feet are probably weak, and the muscles are not used to support you as they would, if it wasn’t for the shoes that supported them all these years.

Just walking barefoot, will strengthen the muscles eventually, but it will take time. If you wish to help your feet get used to your new way of walking (barefoot), here are some exercise you can do at home, or office.

While brushing your teeth in the morning, barefoot – stand on one foot for as long as you can, then change for the other foot.

While sitting at your desk in the office, flex your toes inside the shoes, one foot at a time, for about 30 seconds, then the other foot. If you can take the shoes off – even better.

Before bed time get some dice, about 6 to 10, spread them on the floor next to your right foot. On the other side next to your left foot put a box with open top. Pick with your right foot toes one dice at a time, and drop it in the box, when done, do the same with the other foot.

After a shower, put a small towel on the tile floor, put your foot on one end and with your toes, wiggle them to scrunch the towel towards you.

I will have more of these every so often…..

Enjoy the exercises.

Click herefor exercise video


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