Police and barefoot driving

Bangor Maine Police Department
November 19 at 6:20am · Edited ·

Valid question of the day: Is it illegal to operate a motor vehicle while barefoot, or, not wearing shoes?

It appears that a Facebook fan wants to know if it is illegal to drive around without shoes. Checking our statutes, and statutes of other states, tells me, no (go ahead…just have some boots ready for walking into the mall due to slush and snowy conditions).

I believe I found that it is unlawful for a person driving a cab or limo to be barefoot, but that is in New York. Again, in Buffalo this week, I would grab a pair of thick socks before I wandered into the Chipotle.

In 26 years of law enforcement, I have never cited anyone for not wearing shoes and I have run into some strange things in cars. I won’t go into it now. I think I would have found the statute.

As a matter of fact, I have stopped several individuals that have not been blessed with arms or hands or even lost them in an accident and they are allowed to drive with their feet. This is true and impressive to see what we as humans can do when determined. It would probably be very difficult to do with shoes on.

So, drive barefoot all you want.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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