Driving safety

Most states advise against driving barefoot due to safety regulations. While barefoot driving can lead to unsafe vehicle operation, wearing shoes could reduce or eliminate the dangers associated with stepping on broken glass or other materials littering the streets after the initial impact of automobiles involved in an accident.

What a bunch of bull this is, how does driving in bare feet, lead to unsafe driving? Are we going to press the gas pedal too hard with the big toe? or are we going to miss the break pedal because we are barefoot? On the contrary, with shoes we might do the above, with bare feet? no chance.

I have been stopped by police a few times, for different reasons (headlight out, no seat belt, and so on), I came out of the car barefoot, and none of the officers ever even asked why, or said anything about my driving with bare feet.

As for an accident, where there is glass on the road, if you are injured, you would be carried out on a stretcher, if you are not injured, you would see the glass, and walk carefully just like you do walking on any road any other day.


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