Dirty feet

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In this day and age, where there is running water in every home, I fail to understand the fascination of some with black dirty foot soles. And they actually think it is a wonderful thing to have dirty disgusting feet to show the world, by taking pictures and posting it for all to see.

I am an avid barefoot person, I live in a city which I would not call “clean”, not even close to it, and I walk barefoot quite a lot, on streets, sidewalks, in stores, and in places where clean floors are not the most important thing for the owners, and even doing so – I have never ever got my feet as dirty as some of these photos I see on the web. People are proud to have black soles, and even go to bed without washing their feet. At times I do understand the shod people who complain about looking at dirty feet sitting in a waiting room, with a barefoot person with pitch black soles. It is not  a wonder that some are against us barefooted people,thinking we are all looking to show our dirty black disgusting soles.

If we are looking to change society idea about us barefoot people, we must behave like normal people, who are CLEAN , including our foot soles. This is not to say that we will have a totally clean feet after walking barefoot, but not as black as I see in photos.

dirty feet 2 And this photo is not the worst on the web, but still, I tried to get my feet as dirty as this, with no success.

Would anyone tell me, where and in what do I have to walk barefoot, to get this dirty?

I am not saying anyone should wash their feet, every time there is a little dirt, but if you do get this dirty, keep them out of sight as best you can, the soles I mean.



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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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