Called disrespectful

Barefooter’s have been called ‘disrespectful’ while walking in public sans shoes. How is this so? If bare feet are disrespectful, how about the bare feet in flip flops? Or the open toe sandals woman wears? What is the difference?
We all have feet, if anyone feels that bare feet offend them – tough, either don’t look at anyone below the belt line, or suck it up, and move on. I feel the same about people with piercings for jewelry on their eye brews, nose, or at times also their tongue, people with blue, green and yellow colored spiked hair, and those who walk around with un combed hair, but I do not complain about them, it is the life style they chose, and who are we to tell them how to look in public? So don’t tell me to wear shoes.
So why are people with piercing, or different colored hair, allowed in public, no questions asked, but walking barefoot, and you are told to put shoes on if you want service? Why is going barefoot more disrespectful then the piercings?
While I talk to someone who has a ring attached to his nose, I look directly at his face, and cannot help seeing that ring dangling from his nose, while he does not even notice my bare feet, and we are called disrespectful.
People who have tattoos all over, is this also disrespectful? They cannot remove those tattoos, I can put on a pair of flip flops if needed, but we offend society, while those tattoos, are considered work of art, I prefer my body to stay as God made it, and the all mighty did not create the shoes. If clothing was an option, there would be a lot of people walking around nude.
To each his own, you mind your own business, and I will mine, I will not tell you to take off that ring on your lip, and you don’t tell me to wear shoes.Tattoos,_gangsterspiked hair

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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