But I might hurt myself

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I might step on glass, or needle, or I might step on spit or urine, or even dog stuff. Yes you might, I would not say it is impossible, but you may hurt yourself in many other ways even wearing flip flops, or sandals, so why don’t you stop wearing these, and wear always a steel toe boots, and don’t forget the gloves so you don’t injure your hands, and a helmet just incase a tree branch falls while you walk underneeth it. One more thing – don’t cross the street, you might get hit by a car.

With all that can happen to each of us every day, why are we so worried about those little things we might step on while bare foot. Barefoot people have been walking for years in cities, towns, parks, and hiking with out a single injury, so why is our society so concerned about injuries to the bareoot.

Store owners do not allow customers with bare feet to come in their store, worried that the customer will get injured and take them to court (what a joke). If I go into a store barefoot, knowing there might be a chance I would get hurt doing so, by walking in with bare feet, I am taking my chance, and no one is liable for my decision to do so, any Judge will throw me out if I even try to sue the store.

Food establishments forbid bare feet while you eat in their restaurant, how does the bare foot get anywhere near the food, I do not eat with my toes, my feet stay firmly on the floor, and I do not put my feet on tables. The establishments are hanging this rule on the health department so it is not their fault, while in reality – the health department do not give a damn if a customer goes in barefoot to eat.

Supermarkets would say nothing if you stand in front of a non packaged food (vegetables, fruits, etc), sneeze and cough right on the food (not covering your mouth), and it is ok, you did not do anything wrong, you might have sprayed some germs left in you from the cold you had, but so what? Try go in barefoot, and they would call the police after you, if you do not put on shoes.

While walking barefoot, you become very alert to your surroundings, and what is in front of you, if there is anything on the ground (unless you like stepping in dog stuff) you would see it, and go around it. As for glass and needles, some city streets are dirty, but these items are not covering the streets by the tons, and are mostly on the side, not in the center of the sidewalk, or street.

I can continue with this for another six pages, but….

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