Barefoot in the train

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Had a great day today, had to go to New York city for some business, and took the train to Grand Central station.

While outside, I could not go barefoot, temp’s were below 20 deg. and I have trouble with blood circulation in my legs and feet, but on the train, which was mostly empty, I removed my shoes and socks, and it felt real good with bare feet.

The express train had 2 stops only, then directly to the city, on the 2nd stop a young lady came to sit next to me, even there were so many empty seats, she sat down, and was removing the lid off her fresh cup of coffee, while sipping the coffee she dropped the lid on the floor, and bent down to pick it up. I noticed her looking at my bare feet, then got the lid and sat up, she turned to me and asked, “do you always travel barefoot?”, and I answered yes, I do, the next question was why? and so started the conversation about being barefoot as way of life. She asked million and one questions, the normal questions people ask a barefoot person, one which was “are’nt your feet cold?”, and I said no, you can feel them if you wish, thinking she would say no thanks, and continue the conversation. To my big surprize, she said pick your foot up on the chair, and when I did she placed har palm on my foot, and said, wow, they are even warm. Her hand stayed on my foot, and I was amazed because most people would NOT touch someone strange foot if you paid them to do it. she wanted to see the soles, and put her hand on them too, saying they are clean and nice, and kept rubbing my foot. Never seen anything like this, and I think she either had a fatish for feet, or belong in a mental institution.

It was kind of erotic for me, having a stranger caress my feet, as if she knew me for long time. It is something that will probably never hapen to me again for the rest of my life.

If this is not a great start for a barefoot day, than I don’t know what is.

barefoot on train

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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One thought on “Barefoot in the train

  1. Adam Bartos

    I am a barefooter! I like it very much. It is ferredom forme and very healthy. I go barefoot everywhere I can.

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