Barefoot happy

There is no doubt in my mind, that being barefoot, and living barefoot, is the most relaxing, peaceful way to live my life. It makes everything look easy and simple, I do not get upset any longer as I used to , I have an inner peace of mind, I feel things I never felt before with the soles of my feet, and my feet are buzzing 24 hours a day, looking better, and smiling at the world, with no shoes on.

It took 60 years (assuming I started walking at the age of two) to learn, get the courage, and remove the shoes and socks, to let my brain get the real picture from the nurves on my feet.

Now days, my feet are happy, and so am I, walked this morning in the pouring rain, with rain gear covering me to just below the knees, and barefoot, walking into every puddle I could find, just for the fun, and the pleasure in feelings of water between my toes – The water was warm.

It was an amazing walk, and a wet walk too.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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One thought on “Barefoot happy

  1. Dinu

    Very nice… But where is this wonderful world of living with bare feet, in Paradise ?
    In my world of Romania, I’m the only barefoot man 🙁 Or sometimes some people in park, in the summer time.

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