Barefoot girls vs. barefoot guys

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Since I started my barefoot blog, I have been searching the internet for interesting articles to post. I found quite a lot, and I also realized one more thing.
It is ok for girls to go anywhere either barefoot or flip flops, open toe shoes, and sandals, as long as they take care of their feet, and paint their toe nails, everyone admires the look, and it is accepted by society as a normal every day fashion, even at work. Most of the admiration and acceptance comes from man, but woman have a part in it too.
When it comes to man – we are supposed to hide our feet in shoes, at work (even office job), in public, and while shopping. Admittedly man’s feet are not always as petite and good looking as the woman’s feet, but even if a man takes care of his feet, keeps them clean, with nails trimmed, society looks at these man as poor, homeless, or just have no respect for themselves and others.
I was told to leave a store twice, by a female managers, because I was barefoot, I take care of these two puppies because I walk around barefoot, and I learned to take good care of them while I had Diabetes-2.
We all have feet, it is part of our body, just like hands, nose and ears, so why should I cover my feet, and be uncomfortable, while woman are accepted with nothing on their feet?
It will be a great day when society realize, that feet are a very special part of the body, and a beautiful one too.

The human feet – AMAZING
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