Barefoot education

I was talking to a colleague of mine at work, he is diabetic, and is injecting insulin every day. He was telling me that his feet hurt when wearing shoes and as soon as he takes the shoes off, and walks barefoot, the pain goes away. This guy knows me, and seen me in the supermarket barefoot, and he tried to tell me it’s illegal to walk barefoot in stores, and it’s against the health department regulations.

My answer to that was first to warn him, that with diabetics, he has to be very careful regarding walking barefoot, and it is not recommended that he does that other then at home. The second thing I told him was that it is NOT illegal to walk barefoot anywhere, also drive with bare feet, and the health department has no regulations regarding customers walking with bare feet – it’s a myth which store owners want you to believe because they are not educated, or have something against bare feet.

This is a person who, if it was not for his diabetics, would be walking barefoot and enjoy what we enjoy by doing so. It is a shame that he can not do so.

If you have a friend that is healthy, but his shoes hurt him, explain to him / her that there is no laws or regulations against walking barefoot, anywhere and everywhere.
He might just thank you for this, and decide to try it, to get rid of his foot pain.

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