Kids going barefoot?

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Here are two examples of kids who were not allowed by their parents to go out in barefeet. Today, these kids are adults, and have kids of their own.

Here is what Mary said about walking in barefeet:

I LOVE going barefoot but when i was a kid my mom did not let me because she thought the pavement would hurt me. 20 years later i moved, right when i got there i took my socks and shoes off and i ran out of the house and ran around in my barefeet. i still do, now i have kids, and i let them go in their barefeet all the time like in shopping centers, and anywhere. they love going barefoot, and i do too.

The next one, misunderstood the hippies problems in the 60’s and 70’s, and thought that the signs on stores of “no shoes – no shirt – No service” is a law (which it was not – and never was):

Summer and bare feet were synonymous then. Adults had not yet awakened to the joys of going barefoot in public places, and correspondingly our nation had not yet awakened to repugnance for adult bare feet in public places. To adults, going barefoot spelled Freedom with a capital “F,” too, but to thousands of others it spelled Repulsive with a capital “R.” Laws were passed prohibiting one from entering a store with bare feet. I guess that came in with the 1960s, because that’s when no bare feet allowed signs began appearing in store windows across the nation.

These signs even found their way into the small country stores, because grown-ups with bare feet found their way there first. The signs and the laws made no age distinction. Children sadly put on their shoes to go to the village store and then forgot to take them off again. The fun of going barefoot was lost to a whole generation, who will never know the freedom of bare feet, all day, all summer.

Barefoot all day, all summer
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Yes, summers were lost for kids and adults, but not because of LAWS, but due to uneducated people, who did not know, and did not bother finding out, why these signs went up in stores? and why were they not allowed barefoot in public places.

Where & why the signs come from


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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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