Bare feet Vs. nudity

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The barefooted people are not the only community dealing with society not excepting their bare feet in public.
There is another community that has a lot more trouble with society, and those are nudists, who also want to walk nude in public, which is against the law.

I have taken some questions that have some common grounds the public would reject, and left some out, that have nothing in common with being barefoot.
No doubt it would be a lot harder to change the law regarding nudity, and gain public acceptance, than doing so with regards to bare feet.
The barefoot community should be glad to be able (still) to walk barefoot in public, the nudists do not have this option, and probably never will.

nude and barefoot
How sanitary is public nudity? I mean everyone is going to say it doesn’t affect me if someone else chooses to be naked, but I think that just isn’t true.
If we are talking about full acceptance, it doesn’t seem all that clean to me.
• How clean would chairs in public be?
• Wouldn’t nudists at the gym get ball sweat on everything?
• Could you eat a burger at Wendy’s if there’s any chance a penis could touch it?
• How Is personal hygiene handled amongst nudists?
• Does nudity affect the spread of disease at all?
I think these questions amongst others need to be answered before we can definitely say public nudity on a large scale doesn’t affect anyone.

I am not a nudist per se, but I think nudity should be legal and have been to a couple of nudist resorts, and I will try to answer your questions.
• This has already been covered, but I will reiterate it: we could institute a towel-using policy. Always bring and sit on a towel.
• Hmmm, maybe. But just because someone is allowed to be nude, it doesn’t mean they have to be nude, and maybe even nudists prefer wearing clothes to work out (hello sports bras!). If not, there’s the whole towel thing again. Also, I can’t help but add: while ball sweat just seems grosser, is it really actually grosser/more germy than sweat from other parts of the body?
• Well I don’t eat at Wendy’s but every time you eat out you take a risk that someone with dirty hands is touching your food. even in a nude society, you’re much more likely to have dirty hands on your food than genitals because honestly, it seems pretty unlikely that someone would accidentally get their penis on a sandwich they’re making (source: I’ve made sandwiches before, they’ve never come near my genitalia).
• I’m not really sure what you mean by that–are you asking how clean are Nudists, or how they stay clean?
• Haha, I guess that varies from nudist to nudist. I have a feeling that in a nude-friendly society, people might take greater care to stay clean…
• That would be an interesting study. I find it hard to believe that it would make that big of a difference, since good deals of the common illnesses are caught by either inhalation or consumption. our hands are probably our biggest risk when it comes to getting diseases caused by consumption ( stomach viruses, ewwwww) because that’s usually the only part of our bodies (well besides our mouths, obviously) that touch the things we eat and drink. And I don’t see nudity affecting colds whatsoever. Then again, skin diseases could rise, so there’s that…
All that being said, I think a very good point was made –legalizing public nudity doesn’t have to mean people can be nude in all venues. I had a friend who worked in a kitchen at a nudist resort and he had to wear clothes while handling food. even though I can walk down the street without shoes, I wouldn’t be allowed in most restaurants that way. I think that’s the best way to handle legalizing nudity–allow it in outdoor/public settings, let private businesses decide for themselves.

The Barefooted community has some more fight’s to win, but we are closer now, then ever before.

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