Back symptoms and disabilities

There is evidence that most back symptoms and disabilities seen in developed countries are accounted for by the wearing of shoes. This conclusion is based on a series of reports by Lawrence, Kellgren and others that compared number of complaints and degree of disability between an urban English cohort and one from rural Jamaica which was almost exclusively barefoot. Symptoms referable to the back and degree of disability was significantly greater in the shod group. It should be noted that many reports have suggested that barefoot groups also have a significantly lower incidence of advanced osteoarthritis of the hip compared to those from the shod society.

By: Dr. Steven Robbins MD.

feet and work shoes

Added by Dan:

I blame the shoes I was wearing for over 61 years, for the back problems, and sciatic nerve trouble I got these days. I have no other reason to explain how, or why do I have these, when otherwise I am a healthy man. My walking barefeet now has helped reducing the pain, but will not fix it.


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