Are feet private parts?

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According to the American public (most of them), feet are private parts, which you should not expose in any place other then the pool, seashore, and maybe in the park.
Once you left these places, your feet should not be seen bare, flip flops, or sandals are OK, but never bare WHY?  (And flip flops do not cover the foot much more then when barefoot).


There are no laws or regulations in regards to being barefoot in public, anywhere in the U.S and Canada, if there were I would have been arrested quite a few times, and others like me too. So what is it about bare feet, that is getting people so upset while seeing bare feet in public? All humans have feet, like it or not, we were made this way, and if we want to walk we need feet, just like we need hands, eyes, ears, and nose, but other then the feet, these other parts, do not bother no one when exposed in public, what is it about a good looking pair of feet, that the public hates so much to see. Yes – bare feet get dirty after a walk on the streets, in a city (or anywhere), but can be washed, and be as clean as the hands are, or the nose, ears, and the rest of your body. Does anyone wash his shoes upon entering his home? or at anytime at all?

Some folks would love to walk barefoot, but do not do so being worried about what will others say, or what would others think of them, you know what…. Who cares?
I walk barefoot all the time, if someone looks at me and say something, I answer politly letting them know this is how I feel comfortable, and happy, if they like being stuffed in sweaty smelly shoes, and feel good about it, I wish them all the best, and hope they can walk when they get older.

Some people are ashamed to show their feet, why is beyond me, unless their feet are disfigured for some reason, then NO ONE should be ashamed of their feet.

Others like me love being barefoot, anyone who I care about knows why I do so, I love being barefoot, it feels great, it helped me with my back pain, my feet do not smell, kept clean, and taken care of. Anyone has a problem with it – tough, don’t look, or move away when you see me coming. I go to friends bare feet, I do my shopping where I can be comfortable – meaning barefoot, and the only place I wear shoes (steel toe shoes) is work.

The American people got it all wrong about bare feet, and our kids and grand kids will suffer from foot ailments, unless this myth is cleared.

are feet private parts

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