Afraid of bare footing?

Have you ever talked to someone about walking barefoot in public? What was his reaction? probably it was “No chance, I only walk barefoot at home, pool, or the sea shore”. Most Americans will say that, just maybe in different words, and if you push it, you may lose a friend, who thinks you are NUTS.

America HATES feet – for all sorts of reasons, they say feet smell disgusting, the toes are ugly, feet are crawling with bacteria of all sorts after walking bare feet out side, it is illegal to go anywhere with no shoes, it’s against the Health department regulations and the law, you will hurt yourself stepping on glass. And a lot more stupid reasons against the bare feet.

All above reasons are WRONG…. Lets take it one at a time…

Smell disgusting – yes, sweating in shoes and socks for the day, the feet stink when you take them out – go barefoot, and there is no smell what so ever.

Toes are ugly – well, others think that your fingers are also ugly, are you going to hide them in gloves for the whole day? I don’t think so.

Feet are crawling with bacteria of all sorts, after walking bare feet out side – wrong, your feet have been on the ground at all times, where were your hands? what did you touch? Other people hands, money, the counter at the store, the nozzle in the gas station, you have any idea who touched it before you? your hands are crawling with bacteria, not your feet.

It’s against the Health department regulations, and the law – Wrong, try again, there is no law or any regulations against being barefoot anywhere, including food establishments, supermarkets, shops, banks, or anything you can think of. You can drive barefoot, and some places even let you work barefoot.

You will hurt yourself stepping on glass – look where you are going, and nothing will happen, scanning the way in front of you becomes a habit.

So what reason does anyone have to be afraid of walking barefoot, the feet that carry you all day, the art work that was created only for us, human beings? NONE.

If you paid attention to the background pictures of my website, you noticed all are pictures of MY feet. I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I show them to everyone on the web, and in the street, and no I have no foot fetish. I enjoy the feeling I get walking barefoot, I do not hurt myself or anyone else, I watch where I am going so there are no mishap’s, and I never in two years got hurt by being bare foot. Some stores know me as the barefoot guy, and I never have any trouble with them.

So take your feet out of the shoes and socks, and slowly start going barefoot in your yard, then the neighborhood, and continue slowly to get your feet used to being bare, while having fun

Sinister strange world
What a sinister, strange world we live in where people let out a
repulsed “Yuck!” at the thought of bare…feet. The feet that we were
born with. The feet that allow us to travel from A to B. The feet that will get us through a hard day’s work. There is nothing yucky about feet.
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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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