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Since reading about walking barefoot on the site “Society for barefoot living”, and starting my own site here, I have become very involved in this subject, specially because it helped me so much, and I enjoy the freedom I get from walking in bare feet. The feeling you get while walking barefoot, can not be described in writing, and must be experienced, in order to understand what is the big deal. And it is a big deal, but you must try it on your own.

In the pages and posts you are going to view here, I did my best to make everyone feel the importance of walking barefoot, to your feet, knees, hips, and back. The damage I did to my back is irreversible, walking barefoot for me only relieves the pain, if I only started at a younger age, I would be in a lot better shape today.

While there are still no laws against going barefoot in the U.S, our younger generation should understand where did this society go wrong about the most complex engineering of our body, the base of what we stand, walk, and run on – our feet, and make the change for their own well being, and their children’s, by leaving the shoes at home when possible, and walking barefoot – it’s legal, and it’s fun.

It would be worth all the hard work creating this website, if through this blog, I can change the way just a few people, look at us barefooted people, and maybe join us in this quest for barefoot living.

Again, thank you for reading my blog

Hope you enjoy



Where did the “no shirt – no shoes – no service sign come from?

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