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My name is Dan, I am 64 years young, and started walking barefoot just a year ago.


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In my younger years as a teenager I always had shoes on, and was ashamed to show my bare feet, the reason or logic to that is still a big question I ask myself. It was only later on as a young adult that I got myself to start wearing sandals and flip flops, and walk more and more barefoot at home. About a year ago I stumbled on a website called society for barefoot living, and realized how much fun and healthy it could be walking barefoot.

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Walking barefoot have helped me with my back pain, and my sciatic nerve trouble . I do wear shoes to work (steel toe shoes), but they come off in the car as soon as I am done at work.

It has been a pleasure to be walking around in bare feet, feeling the ground as I never did before, going shopping, movies, friends, and a lot more in just my bare feet, and other then work – being barefoot at all times.

This blog is my way to try and get people to understand why we walk barefoot, and hopefully join us as bare footers.

my bare soles
soles standing on glass
toes hugging a stair
on cool white tile
In rain puddle
Just my feet on cold tile
while I walk
Naked & barefoot
My healthy feet
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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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