About driving barefoot

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What better way to drive ?


Really, what other way to drive while you feel the pedals under your feet, have nothing to slip and get under the break pedal, it is comfortable, and enjoyable on short and long trips.  Your feet would not slip off even when wet, unlike some shoes, flip-flops are dangerous while driving, with work boots you have no feel of the pedals, and ladies…. high heels are even worse. So what’s left? Barefoot.

With current gas prices as high as they are, why not try whatever you can to save gas? If a combination of fuel-saving measures, including driving barefoot, can show at least some noticeable positive difference in mileage, it seems prudent to try them out and see what it can do for your pocketbook. Remember, driving barefoot is absolutely LEGAL.

Next time you are in your car, put your shoes (and socks) away, and enjoy the feeling of barefoot driving, and some savings.

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