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October 2, 2016

Fall has arrived, and it will be winter before too long. Summer has been great though a bit too hot at times, to walk barefoot when crossing a street, or getting to your car in a paved parking lot, but there was always a solution to this problem, and I never yet got into any trouble (like burns on the soles of my feet from the black asphalt) due to those.

Fall would be the perfect time to get our feet ready for bare footing in the cold, or on snow. The more we do this, the faster our brain will figure out we need more blood circulation to our feet, to keep them warm.

barefoot dustin 1

Like many other people in this world, I have Diabetes, which makes our joy of walking barefoot, a bit more problematic, and most Doctors will lecture you regarding your need for wearing socks and shoes, to protect your feet from injury. In a sense they are correct to a point, but what Doctors do not realize, is that while walking with bare feet, your awareness to your surroundings triples, and we learn to watch where we put our feet, when and where is it safe to walk barefoot, and we scan the path in front of us, to make sure we are safe.

I am a lucky guy, who’s Doctor, and Podiatrist, did not give me the regular lecture, and after asking me a few questions regrading my walks barefoot, just asked me to be careful, and left it up to me.

in park 4


I have added a forum to “barefootny” website, and would love to see people use it, and tell about your experience with walking barefoot, or why wouldn’t you walk with bare feet. I know most people are worried about what would others think and say about you, and it isn’t easy to overcome this fear, but it is possible, and a lot of people are walking with bare feet into places you would not think of trying due to myth’s you heard or read somewhere.

It is NOT against the law to walk barefoot
There are no Health department rules for customers walking barefoot into a restaurants, stores, malls, Etc.
Shoes were made to protect us when temperatures are too low to walk with bare feet, or on dangerous path’s.
Human’s feet were made to walk bare, shoes are the invention of our society.
Shoes are the main cause of foot problems, leg problems, hips and back problems

On top of all, walking barefoot is simply wonderful, when you can feel the earth you are walking on, be it street, grass, floor at stores, or at home, side walks, and more.

Try this and use the forum to tell us what you think.

Thank you

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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One thought on “A word from Dan

  1. Lou G

    I like going barefoot as well, especially in the supermarket and gas station. I take a couple of barefoot beach trips every year, going for a few days not wearing shoes anywhere. I take fip flops just in case, but I never need them. My bf gets so turnrd on during these trips. He will join me in walking barefooted around town. He likes he really dirty soles too.

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