A visit with bare feet

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There is a lot of information on the internet regarding living, running and walking with bare feet.

One subject I found interesting, is the argument for, and against going barefoot to visit friends and family, and entering someone’s else home with bare feet. I walk all the time barefoot, so I have no shoes to take off (nor socks), and so far I have gone to friends who know I walk barefoot, and have no problem with my barefoot visits. I have also gone to people who did not know me, and entered their home with bare feet, I was asked about it, I explained, and was always welcome in their home.

I think of this as the utmost respect to the home owner, by not bringing in dirt from the outside on a shoe (a foot sole does not bring any, of what a shoe would).
I am telling the owners by doing so, that when I leave, there would not be a need to clean after me, their floors and carpets would stay as clean as before I entered
their home. I do not think this is impolite, nor gross in any way, and in fact, even I do not ask others visiting my home, to remove their shoes at the door, I would very much appriciate them doing the same as I do.

I find it strange that people are horified from the thought of being asked to take their shoes off, upon entering a home. Do they have such horrible looking feet, that they
do not want anyone seeing them barefoot? And yes we all know shoes can do horrible things to a foot, so for those I feel sorry.

It is said that if I want visitors to remove their shoes before entering, I should have slippers for them to put on, a few sizes, a few colors (for man or woman), I would need a room full of these to accommodate everyone who comes in my house, I might as well let them keep their shoes, and save the expense. I have no problem with being barefoot, letting others see my bare feet, and seeing others with bare feet, for me feet are a natural part of the body, a marvel piece of engineering, and I have nothing to be ashamed by letting everyone see them, like they all see my hands.

The only people who would have something to worry about, are those who have stinky feet, and this can be solved by washing your feet, and changing shoes before you go to visit someone. The stinky feet are a result of sweating in shoes, and not a normal occurrence for bare feet.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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One thought on “A visit with bare feet

  1. Dana

    Last year I started taking walks around the neighborhood barefoot. This year I decided to barefoot as much as possible, which means starting to visit stores, etc. My mother requires us to remove our shoes at the door because shoes track in dirt. So I am still unsure of how to approach this aspect of my travels.

    I do agree with both you and my mother. I have always remove my shoes when I returned home and so do my kids. But I never ask a visitor to remove their shoes. Some will when they see as all barefoot and others do not. When I enter a home where shoes are at the door or the owners are not wearing their shoes, I remove mine. If the owner has their outside shoes on in the house then I keep mine on out of respect. So going into a home without this option makes me feel like I should wear shoes to a friends house, or at least till they know I don’t wear shoes anymore.

    Thanks for your blog.

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