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This was hard for me to believe what I see… I have no idea who or where are they from, but it was written about 7 years ago, and it is apparently a grocery chain of some kind, at times where no other company allowed barefoot shopping any where.

Customer complained about people walking barefoot, and get an answer from Kirsten Moore, Director of Cooperative Services, who hit it right on the head, and I wish more executives think this way….

Barefoot shopping


Q: I was told by a grocery staffer yesterday that it was store policy that customers could be barefoot. It seems to me that this must violate some sort of state or federal laws. It’s not legal to create a policy in contravention to laws. Surely, this is a health risk for ALL shoppers. It’s also a potential liability risk for the Co-op if a barefoot shopper gets hurt. Maybe some of the PC idiots of the world thought this policy was about inclusion, but it really doesn’t make sense on any other level. Of course, the way the right wing has re-written the lawbooks it’s almost impossible to sue any corp or business for anything anymore, so maybe no one at the Co-op cares that this policy is not good sense. It offended me to see this barefoot person.

A: To respond to your comment, our Operations Manager contacted the health department and reviewed whether we are obligated by any public health code to require our customers to wear shoes. We were informed that although some insurance policies may be contingent upon companies requiring customer footwear, there are no legal obligations for a requirement. We are routinely inspected by our insurer and the broker we use as well, and they have not yet requested that we develop a policy on customer footwear.
We do not encourage walking barefoot in our stores, but if customers wish to do so, unless we hear other concerns from Owners (yours is the first we’ve had in quite some time) or until we are otherwise required to force the issue,
customers may continue to walk barefoot at their own risk. –Kirsten Moore, Director of Cooperative Services.

How much I wish more corporate personal see this and learn…

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