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You have entered the wonderful world of barefoot living! - We hope you will enjoy it and come back soon.
Our Choice
There are no regulations, laws, or rules in the U.S regarding
being barefoot in any and all establishments. It is all
fabricated by the owners of these places who forbid
barefootedness due to their own limited knowledge, and the
unwillingness to see our point of going barefoot. We are not
doing so to patronize them, but for our own health, and well
being, with no harm to no one else.

We have a choice –  Spend your money where you can shop barefoot.

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It's sad, and it's obvious
It’s sad. And It’s obvious to those of us who were around during the 1960s and 1970s, when going barefoot everywhere was popular. Start early in the spring with short barefoot walks. Then longer each month, and by summer we were able to walk on the hottest pavement, sharpest rocks, no problems at all. How our shoe obsessed society forgot this and has to re-learn it is strange. I mean young people were shopping barefoot, running errands, working out in gyms (Arnold did his bodybuilding barefoot during the 1970s), anywhere in public places. Young people today apparently have no idea this even happened. They are so squeamish now. Everything is ‘ewww’ ‘gross’ ‘yuk’, with no knowledge of the biology around them, or the concept of risk assessment.

Enjoy this site

enjoy it with bare feet

It is healthy, fun, and relaxing

barefoot in autumn

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We were made perfect

We were born with toes for a reason. Mother Nature, or God, or The Higher Power…whatever you want to call it…made us perfect. He/She/It gave us everything we need. Shoes were not included in that. I do not believe that God said, “Ok, I’m going to create these humans, & every body part will function well except for their feet. They will have to figure out that they need to invent & wear shoes.” No, no. God made us perfectly. Every inch of us. (D. Chillemi)

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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Humans were made to walk barefoot, why fix what is already perfect?